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The Far Right Bibliography

I maintain a large and growing bibliography of titles on the Far Right (see also the Radical, Extreme, New, Populist ... Right) and their electorate as a public resource. Currently, it contains more than 1,000 titles.  Feel free to search, browse, or download the bibliography.


Recent Publications (Selection)
Arzheimer, K., Bernemann, T., Sprang, T. (2024). Oppression of Catholics in Prussia does not explain spatial differences in support for the radical right in Germany. A critique of Haffert (2022). Electoral Studies, 89, 102789-102789. DOI
Arzheimer, K. (2024). Elektorat(e) rechter Flügelparteien in Deutschland. In F. Virchow, A. Hoffstadt, C. Heß, and A. Häusler (eds.), Handbuch Rechtsextremismus (pp. 1-17). Wiesbaden:Springer Fachmedien Wiesbaden. DOI
Arzheimer, K. (2024). Identification with an anti-system party undermines diffuse political support: The case of Alternative for Germany and trust in the Federal Constitutional Court. PARTY POLITICS. Published. DOI Author/Publisher URL
Arzheimer, K. (2024). The links between basic human values and political secularism: Evidence from Germany. EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF POLITICAL RESEARCH, 63(1), 370-382. DOI Author/Publisher URL
Arzheimer, K., Berning, C., de Lange, S., et al. (2024). How Local Context Affects Populist Radical Right Support: A Cross-National Investigation Into Mediated and Moderated Relationships. BRITISH JOURNAL OF POLITICAL SCIENCE. Published. DOI Author/Publisher URL

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